Thursday, December 29, 2011

Projeto Pessoal - Personal Project - Lowpoly trees

Lowpoly tree

Estou testando algum recursos que existem no MODO 501, programa que adotei dois anos atrás como minha plataforma principal de trabalhos 3D.
A imagem acima foi toda gerada em 3D, com finalização digital em PS para fazer a cachoeira.
As arvores todas em Lowpoly com "displacement" nas folhas para dar algum volume.
O resultado ainda não está como desejo, mas para uma imagem feita em 15 minutos de render está bacana.

I did work in a low poly meshes to create a natural environment for a new coming projects. My inspiration came from Gelmi's low poly trees, posted in the Luxology web site. He did a great work on his on trees and I did try the same way.
I will work more on the shapes to do a better images in the future. For now it's ok.

You can download the project here.


  1. very nice work.
    And thank you for sharing it.

  2. I visited from the blog of luxology of Japan.
    Although I wanted to refer to your file, I was not able to download from Link.
    Would you upload once again, if it avoids?

  3. Nice Work!! Interesting tecnique.
    As Daisuke says, the download link is dead. It would be nice to play and test it.